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2010 Back to School Celebrity Kids Gift Bag

A Back to School Celebrity Kids Gift Bag will be auctioned to benefit the Care to Learn Fund. Care To Learn provides immediate funding and action to meet any emergent health - hunger - hygiene issue a child might have; addressing a physical need, restoring respect, and getting
that child back in the classroom.

Tiny Prints, a leading online retailer of premium personalized stationery, offers stylish party invitations, thank you notes, holiday cards and more,

Ladybugs and Lullabies No Slip Accessories blend style and function. Available in hundreds of designs and styles for variety. Each handcrafted accessory is guaranteed to stay put and not slip out! Girls will receive hip clips, adjustable headbands and ponytail buttons plus gift certificate,

Kid-friendly designs that coordinate in a wide array of products for school, home and more!  Peace raincoat and boots for girls, Monkey raincoat and boots for boys,

Kidorable delights both children and the adults who love them by transforming everyday rainwear, backpacks, knitwear and towels into objects that excite their imaginations and enrich their lives at play, Pirate backpack, gloves and hat for boys, Ladybug backpack, gloves and hat for girls,

Glitzy Pet Sookie in white for girls, Slingshot hook and loop for boys,


Zippity Doo's™ children's hair care products are mild for everyday use and provide health benefits to the hair and scalp while helping prevent lice infestation naturally. Available at;, Recipients will receive all 5 products,

Lillybee began with the simple desire to create beautiful goods. Our love of knit goods has enabled us to bring to baby what grown-ups have enjoyed for so long. We use the finest cashmeres and cottons so that the little ones stay comfortable and cozy all year long, stripe crew sweater for boys, floral cardigan for girls,

An old-school track suit just for the little ones. The adidas adi Firebird Track Suit sports all the style of a grown-up version and the easy-on elastic waistband and soft fabric make it a comfortable everyday choice, Red for Girls, Grey/Blue for Boys,

The perfect back to school gift for deserving moms, Pedi-tote includes a pair of flip-flops, an implement kit, pumice stone and file all in a super chic reusable tote,

Mabel’s Labels LOL Ultimate Back-to-School Combo! With Skinny Mini’s, Tag Mates, Shoe Labels & Bag Tags there is a label for all your school supplies & gear!,

Violetgumdrop, Sweet and Yummy Bestie Sets™, adorable accessories for you and your best friend, Girls will receive two necklace sets,

My Lucky Wish provides a vast array of personalized gifts and accessories. Recipients will receive personalized cinch sak and water bottle,

BPA Free, Antimicrobial, Recyclable, and Dishwasher Safe, yubo is a true innovation in lunch carriers. Each lunch box contains changeable faceplates, three sizes of reusuable containers, custom built-in icepack and more!,

AllerMates creates "cool" and kid friendly alergy awareness products featuring original cartoon characters. Keep playdates safe. Accessories include dog tags and adjustable wristbands, gift certificate,

Sustainable sunscreen by KINeSYS. Oil, Alcohol, PABA, Preservative and Paraben Free. EASY and fast to apply, feels like a powder. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, very water & sweat resistant with topical anti-oxidants. Highly awarded by parents see:

KleenSlate 2-sided Dry Erase Paddles are engaging, easy to clean, and great for active learning. They’re lightweight, colorful and the markers/erasers store right in the handle,

Designed for children ages 2-10, Myself Belts’ one-handed closure allows children to master the challenging task of fastening and unfastening a belt on their own – easing frustrations while promoting independence and boosting self-esteem. Over 25 designs including cupcakes, guitars and more,

Help your little one learn faster with Tie Buddies®. These cute, kid-friendly devices act as easy pull-tabs for small hands, taking messy loops out of the equation. The happy characters make a game of it, resulting in a strong knot and even stronger recall,

snackTAXIs are reusable bags for snacks and sandwiches. Use them as you would plastic ziplock bags - they're food movers for a happy planet!,

Want to let them know how much you care? Good Stuff Products offers Mommy's Messages, cute little notes that you can slip into lunchboxes, backpacks, wherever to show that you care!

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